‘Destiny 2’ Should Hold A Fan Vote Contest To Un-Sunset Classic Weapons

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Now that Destiny 2 has realized that weapon sunsetting was a mistake, we are slowly seeing old weapons filter their way back into the game. But what if there was a way to make this process not take years, and to get some classics back more quickly? I think there’s a way Bungie could make this fun.

Rather than waiting for Bungie to un-sunset all Black Armory or Sundial or Menagerie weapons one season, what if Destiny 2 held a fan vote contest to decide say, a top 5-10 list of the most-requested weapons that Bungie could work on bringing back to the game in one go?

Before you dismiss this idea, there’s already precedent for this. Fans voted on which Festival of the Lost armor set Bungie should work on about nine months before it was released (Dinosaurs won). They also had a fan poll asking which exotic weapons needed ornaments (Le Monarque led the pack, I’m pretty sure).

So, why not ask Destiny 2 players which sunset weapons they should work on bringing back in the future? I don’t know how long that process takes, but I don’t see why this wouldn’t be a good jumping off point.

My initial thought is that you might have old ritual or pinnacle weapons excluded from this, as I wouldn’t blame Bungie for not wanting to figure out how to make Recluse or Mountaintop not break the meta again, but rather this would be world or seasonal weapons that could come back with both new and old perks, classic rolls and new combos. Or, put them into the new crafting system, if that’s going to be the plan for most weapons post-Witch Queen.



The idea is that Bungie would come up with a (hopefully lengthy) list of sunset weapons that they think they could bring back in some form. And then fans would go through and rank maybe their top 10. Then, depending on how much work this is, Bungie could bring 5-10 of the most requested weapons back in the future, even if they were from different eras.

I do think that fans probably agree on a lot of the “top” top weapons, but just as an example, here’s what I imagine some of the higher ranked selections would be off the top of my head:

  • Midnight Coup (Leviathan)
  • Bygones (Gambit)
  • Spare Rations (Reckoning)
  • Austringer (Menagerie)
  • Beloved (Menagerie)
  • Kindled Orchid (Black Armory)
  • Blast Furnace (Black Armory)
  • Hammerhead (Black Armory)
  • Perfect Paradox (Sundial)
  • Patron of Lost Causes (Sundial)
  • Breachlight (Sundial)
  • Traveler’s Judgement 5 (Curse of Osiris)
  • Go Figure (Forsaken)

Go Figure


That’s not comprehensive, and there’s some personal bias in there, but you get what I’m saying. I just feel like this would stem some of the complaining about all the weapons that are still sunset after all this time, if you could bring a lot of requested ones in one batch. And make it fun too. You could have people campaigning for different weapons and stuff, make it an event!

Again, Bungie has turned to fans to vote on stuff before, so I just don’t see why this couldn’t work. Just an idea, but we’ll see if anyone over there might agree with me.

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