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The episode starts with Hosomichi psyche-diving into Rin’s subconscious where scenes from “Zaburn: The Emperor of the Sea” seem to be playing out.

Hosomichi enters her mind, where her fantasies play out, but his pessimism brings Rin’s stamina down again. All the characters in her head, including Zaburn, seem to fade away.

Rain seems to perk up again inside her Garann after hearing the danger alarms. Hayate arrives in her Garann to attack Arahabaki.

Hosomichi runs out to join Rin as the pilot, but Hayate interrupts. Kagurazaka asks her to let them talk woman to man, and Hayate puts up with this nonsense.

Will Hosomichi defeat Hayate and bring out the otaku boy in himself?

Episode 4 Speculations

Hayate, right off the bat, seems to be very infatuated with her commander Akatsuki. Fans suspect that these characters might get together later in the series.

Fans are also excited to meet the next battery girl of the Garanndoll. Will she form a special bond with the pilot too?

Fans suspect that there might come a time when the citizens and army personnel might become disillusioned when they learn of the ugly nature of the true army. This might affect how their mecha robots function since they run on the pilot’s patriotism.

Episode 4 Release Date

Episode 4 of the Gyakuten Sekai no Denchi Shoujo anime will be released on Monday, Nov 01, 2021. The episode title or preview has not been shown.

I. Is Gyakuten Sekai no Denchi Shoujo on Break This Week?

Episode four of Gyakuten Sekai no Denchi Shoujo will be released as per schedule. No delay has been announced.

Episode 3 Recap

Hosomichi is diving into her mind to retrieve her consciousness which was trapped due to her losing

Munakata asks Commander Yamada if this psyche-diving thing isn’t too dangerous for Hosomichi. He isn’t really concerned for him but wants more money.

Kagurazaka, the mechanic of Arahabaki, explains why the system froze up, and Hosomichi had to be sent in there to get her. Munakata wastes no time in starting to flirt with her.

On the other end, Commander Akatsuki is informed of the mechanics of the Arahabaki Garanndoll that attacked them. The Garran runs on an outdated type -zero soul infusion engine.

While the true army Garran runs on the pilots’ patriotism, the Arahabaki Garran uses another person’s passion as a power source, making it unstable.

Kagurazaka later reveals, now that Hosomichi has entered Rin’s mind, the dream is affected by his feelings as much as they are by Rin’s.

In the dream, Rin breaks free from her shackles, something she could’ve done all this time. She cheers for Zaburn, but Hosomichi’s pessimism doesn’t help, and everything crumbles.

Hayate comes with her Garann to attack Arahabaki, and Rin awakens hearing the danger alarms. She goes off without a pilot to save everyone.

Hosomichi runs out to her, and as they have the conversation of “I need to save you. No, I need to save you.”, Hayate interrupts. Kagurazaka promptly reprimands the enemy saying she should have the decency to let them have a woman-to-man conversation.

Hayate lets them have a conversation because she’s not a trash person. She’s also reminded of her love for Akatsuki.

As Hayate lets Hosomichi and Rin join hands, they decimate her Garann. Akatsuki asks Hayate to make a strategic retreat, and her ship carries her and the Garann away.

About Rumble Garanndoll

Rumble Garanndoll is an upcoming original Japanese anime television series animated by Studio Lerche. 

The story begins in 2019, just before the change in historical eras for Japan. A rift to another dimension suddenly opens in the skies above, revealing a “turnabout” alternate world called “Shinkoku Nippon.” This parallel version of Japan maintained its militarism and remains stuck in the Showa era. Shinkoku Nippon invades Japan with its “Genmu” gas weapons and giant humanoid “Garan” weapons. The invaders immediately take over our government and all but conquer Japan. 

A decade later, our Japan has been revamped as Genkoku Nippon, a puppet state of Shinkoku Nippon. Under harsh censorship, the once-thriving manga, anime, idol, and similar sub-cultures have completely died off … or so it seemed. A secret society named Arahabaki rises up to resist Shinkoku with Garanndoll weapons powered by “battery girls.”

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