Engineering is a time-honored profession with many specialties in the current work scenario.

Engineers are needed in a vast variety of fields ranging from automobiles, to electricity, from computers to infrastructure, from marine to textiles, from chemicals to environmental and whole host of other subjects. There is a great demand for engineers all over the world, and the profession is highly regarded and highly paid as well.

It is no wonder then that engineering courses are tough and need a great deal of study as well as the innate ability of the student. All kinds of manufacturing industries require engineers and the work can be extremely rewarding and exciting.

How to Study Engineering

Subjects required

In school it is of utmost important that you have taken all math and science subjects and done well in them as well. Physics and math are necessary since different kinds of engineering are built around these subjects. Most universities and colleges require certain minimum grades for you to be able to apply for engineering courses.

Use of computers in engineering is a necessity and you have to be familiar with the special software for the kind of engineering you choose as a major. You have to be prepared to work very hard during your schooling to get good grades. You should have the ability to make decisions, work with team members and act responsibly.

The field is so vast that you can choose which aspect you want to study, provided you have the aptitude to do so. Some of the specialties in engineering are:
• Aerospace engineering
• Automobile engineering
• Biological engineering
• Broadcast engineering
• Building engineering
• Civil engineering
• Chemical engineering
• Clinical engineering
• Computer engineering
• Electrical engineering
• Electronics engineering
• Engineering Science
• Environmental engineering
• Financial engineering
• Industrial engineering
• Materials engineering
• Mechanical engineering
• Metallurgical engineering
• Military engineer
• Nuclear engineering
• Ocean engineering
• Optical engineering
• Petroleum engineering
• Planetary engineering/Geo engineering
• Reverse engineering
• Robotic engineering
• Software engineering
• Social engineering
• Stellar engineering
• Systems engineering
• Textile engineering
• Safety Engineering

How to study engineering

All engineering colleges and universities do not offer all engineering subjects, so if you have your heart set in majoring in something particular, make sure your university offers it. After completing high school you have to get Bachelors in engineering with the major you want. This can take four to five years of rigorous studies.
After that you can do a post-graduate Masters course. Some qualified engineers like to add a Masters in Business Administration to enhance their job prospects.

It is important to go to a university which is known for good engineering courses. Some of the top ranked US universities are
• Massachusetts Inst of Technology
• Stanford University
• University of California-Berkeley
• California Institute Technology
• University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
• Georgia Institute of Technology
• University of Michigan
• Cornell University
• Carnegie Mellon University
• University of Texas at Austin
• Purdue University
• University of California
• Texas A&M University
• Harvard University
• Duke University
• Johns Hopkins University
• Princeton University

Apart from these there are extremely good universities all the world, particularly in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Eastern European countries, China, Japan and India is known for its Indian Institutes of Technologies.

Job prospects and pay

Often engineers are recruited after they have finished their course through campus placements. Apart from private companies, the government and governmental organizations also have many jobs on offer for different engineers. There are also qualified engineers who prefer to teach or start their own companies.

Engineers can expect to make an average salary of $60,000, going upwards as does their responsibilities and experience. As the demand for engineers is on the rise, job opportunities will only increase.