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As much as it’s painful to say, Jurgen Klopp’s time will run out at Liverpool. LFCTR writers will be looking at who could replace the German as the manager of Liverpool Football Club. 

Damon Carr

What Jurgen Klopp has built at this club is special and we need someone to come in and just takeover with the same principles and ideas. 

The direction this team is going in is set up for winning trophies year in year out. Getting a manager that stays short term is not the right choice.

As much as I want Steven Gerarrd at some point but don’t think he’s quite ready yet, especially not under FSG.

Someone that has similar playing style to Jurgen Klopp, someone that plays the same football throughout the club. Someone with decent experience. That someone for me is Erik Ten Haag. 

He has Ajax playing the best football they’ve played for a long time. Even though they went on a good Champions League run the season we won it, I believe they are playing better now.

Ajax have similar principles to Liverpool, where football style is taught throughout the club to youth level and they push youth development forward. 

Ajax are not only performing well in the league but in Europe too. Erik Ten Haag, I believe is the best manager out there right now to take over Jurgen Klopp and it just continue as it is. 

Damon’s Choice: Erik Ten Haag

Charlie Webb

I mean my preference is that Jurgen Klopp stays forever and wins every trophy every season for the rest of my life.

However, that isn’t feasible. There are a lot of options to replace the big German. From an amazing Steven Gerrard return, to someone closer to home in Pep Lijnders.

I think Steven Gerrard is destined to return and manage Liverpool one day. However, I don’t think he’ll take over from Klopp.

Gerrard has a lot of maturing to do as a manager and I think he’ll end up at another Premier League side before managing Liverpool.

Pepijn Lijnders

Pep Lijnders is also a very interesting option. He has been side by side with Jurgen Klopp, winning pretty much every trophy there is out there.

He has been groomed for the role by Jurgen Klopp. 

In my opinion, I think there is only one option for Jurgen Klopp’s successor and that’s is Pep Lijnders.

However, I’ve always LOVED Julian Nagelsmann and I always wanted him to take over before Klopp signed his extension.

Who knows, maybe in four years, Nagelsmann might have parted ways with Bayern Munich and a space could be open to manage Liverpool.

Damon’s Choice: Pep Lijnders

Neil Andrew

Firstly, I have to say that my preference is for Jurgen to sign an extended contract.

My hope with all the players committing to long term deals over the summer that it may be a possibility but I’m not so sure.

Life as a football manager must be exhausting handling the pressure on a day to day basis so I won’t be surprised if 2024 is when we say goodbye to our brilliant leader.

I don’t like to think about this scenario but at some point, we will have to think about it sadly.

I think it’s important that the incoming manager has some important characteristics, many of those similar to the German:

  • Must be a leader with an ability to unite both club and supporters
  • An understanding of the fabric of the club and city
  • An attractive style of play
  • Tactical awareness
  • Man management skills
  • Ability to stand up for what is right and speak out against the owners if necessary
  • An understanding that at Liverpool there is an expectation to win trophies
  • Loyalty – I would not want a series of short term appointments

If offering Jurgen a sabbatical period of a year away from the game before coming back refreshed is not an option, then I would keep the appointment in house to continue to build on what is there already.

I’ve been impressed with Pep Lijnders in press conferences and when covering for Klopp and I would take a journey back to the 1970/80s where Liverpool promoted so successfully from within.

People may argue he doesn’t have a huge playing background but I think that as a theory is no longer relevant after seeing the likes of Klopp, Mourinho and Tuchel succeed.

I would also try and bring the likes of Xabi Alonso and James Milner on to the coaching staff. Players that have been there and done it and understand the modern day footballer.

Neil’s Choice: Pep Lijnders

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