Protecting You Car From These Quiet Destroyers Is Easy, if You Know What You’re Doing

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Hail no! Hail damage and rust are two of the most common cosmetic car issues but not all aesthetic issues are down to those two culprits. Anything from improper cleaning practices to the sun can take a toll on your cars appearance.

Here are some of the worst offenders and how common mistakes can be avoided.

Bird Droppings

When bird excrement falls on your car, it leaves a nasty stain. The ammonia and nitrogen content in bird droppings can lead to discoloration of your vehicle’s finish. This is because a car’s paint lacquer warms up under heat exposure during the day then cools down and contracts at night. When it contracts, mold forms around the paint lacquer that damages the reflective properties of the car’s paintwork.

Solution: You can either place your car in a garage or make sure to immediately clean the bird droppings off of your car when you see them.

Extreme Heat

Ultraviolet (UV) rays from direct and extreme sunlight will damage your vehicle’s bodywork, rims, wheels and other parts of the trim. Sunlight is also capable of melting rubber components, cracking the paint surface and causing upholstery color fading.

Solution: Make sure to park your car in the shade whenever possible. Add a seasonal wax or sealant to boosts protection.

Tree Sap and Leaves

When tree sap or leaves fall on your car, the moist sap can be etched into the car’s clear coat leading to dulled finish, discoloration and staining.

Solution: Avoid parking your vehicle directly under the tree.


Dust, dirt, mud and grit seem like an easy clean and is often quite common depending on how often you experience off roading. Unfortunately, the reality is that dust particles can be difficult to clean and abrasive if removed improperly.

Solution: Always rinse your car with as much water as possible to clean the dirt off. Avoid wiping to keep a good-looking finish.

Low Quality Sponges

Sponges tend to grab and retain pesky dust particles that scratch against your car’s surface as you continue to rub the sponge to clean your car. This leads to grinding dust and dirt into your car’s paint.

Solution: Avoid the use of sponges altogether.

Paper Towels

Paper towels are surprisingly one of the worst ways to clean your car. Paper towels are made of dried out wood fiber which acts just like sandpaper when you rub the paper towel on your car, essentially ruining its finish.

Solution: There are specific fiber towels dedicated to exterior vehicle cleaning, try to stick with those.

Gas Station Squeegees

Using the gas station squeegees to clean anything other than you car’s windows, you’re doing it wrong. Never use the squeegee on the top, hood, or door panels of your car. These squeegees have dirt and dust particles which dull the finish of your car and cause stains on the paint. Also, the solution they’re kept in may be damaging for the paint.

Solution: Only use the squeegees to clean your car’s windshield and windows.

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