We know what you are up to Chris Sutton, with this Newcastle United ‘open goal’ reference

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Chris Sutton has been talking about Newcastle United, yet again.

The former Blackburn and Chelsea striker appearing on a recent programme on BBC Radio 5 Live.

During which, Chris Sutton called our upcoming match against Brentford ‘an open goal.’

Clearly, Chris Sutton has an agenda, and if we were to miss this ‘open goal’ it would for his purposes, supposedly support his argument that we should have stuck with Steve Bruce and that he is just as good a manager as Rafa Benitez or Eddie Howe.

The fact is, we had a series of ‘open goals’ this season under Steve Bruce which we failed to make the most of, such as being unable to beat Southampton despite taking the lead in the 90th minute. Failing to beat a Burnley team at home in the League Cup who appeared to be there for the taking. Only getting a draw against a very poor Watford team despite taking the lead.

In addition, Steve Bruce inherited a team that had the form of a top six team towards the end of Rafa’s time at the club and after enjoying the type of financial backing that Rafa never enjoyed, he transformed it into a team that is in the bottom three in almost every statistic.

I also think characterising the Brentford game as an open goal, is massively disrespectful to Brentford.

I have a soft spot for Brentford as I visited Griffin Park during our promotion season in the 90s and found the Brentford fans to be the friendliest football fans I’d ever come across in London.

I think their team has been like a breath of fresh air this season and unlike Newcastle United, have been prepared to go toe to toe with the big boys.

I know that they have suffered a number of defeats in the last few matches (although two of those losses were single goal defeats to Chelsea and Leicester) but you’ve got to say so far this season they’ve been a far better side than Newcastle United and have looked far more solid defensively and have carried more of an attacking threat, so I just can’t agree with the idea that playing them will be like having an ‘open goal’ to shoot at.

I know there are lots of fans out there (and club owners) who don’t want Newcastle United to be successful and who would love it if we failed to beat Brentford, but if this happens, I don’t agree with the pundits who say it would be a disaster.

As a Newcastle United fan, I have endured 14 years of mediocrity under Mike Ashley and have waited over 50 years for a major trophy, so I don’t expect overnight success.

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