What Is ‘Bones Day’? TikToker’s Senior Dog Makes Adorable Daily Predictions

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Squid Game might have put a dark shadow over the idea of playing games for a while, but this TikTok obsession has a far more lighthearted spin on them.

Senior dog Noodle has taken over the social media platform with his accidental daily predictions of what the day is set to look like, with some hailing them as their daily horoscopes.

13-year-old Pug Noodle picks and chooses in the morning whether or not he wants to stand. Owner Jonathan Graziano lifts him up slightly from his bed, and let’s go—if he stands, it’s a “bones day,” if he chooses to slump straight back down, it’s a “no bones day.”

Graziano records the game and its outcomes, regularly getting views in the millions for it. If Noodle is having a “bones day,” viewers are hopeful of a good and predictive day, but if it’s a “no-bones day,” things aren’t looking so great.

For Graziano though, a “no-bones day” isn’t always a bad thing, in fact it’s just an excuse to allow yourself to not be all that productive. “I think that just means you have permission to flop on plans or activities if you don’t wanna do them,” he explained in a recent “no-bones day” video.

Noodle and his predictions have become an inside-joke of sorts on TikTok, setting up memes about the prediction. “POV: You hope you are going to have a good day today,” wrote user @urmomslinguini in a viral video, showing him going about his morning. After checking his phone and seeing it’s a “bones day,” he immediately celebrates in the kitchen.

The senior dog has had a social media following for a few years now, after Graziano created his Instagram account @showmenoodz in 2016, where he now has 44,000 followers. In 2020. He joined TikTok and now boasts over one million followers—many who eagerly anticipate his videos, as important as their morning coffee or stretch.

Noodle’s videos are sometimes daily, but often every few days instead, and it all depends on how he’s feeling. “Noodle really calls the shots,” said Graziano in a recent video, before showing that he actually couldn’t wake him up to film one that day.

Graziano told Insider that he adopted Noodle in 2016 when he was 7-and-a-half years old from his previous owner, who could no longer take care of him.

Although the “no-bones days” have only started going viral this month, Graziano explained that they’ve been a thing in his home since Noodles arrived. He told Insider that he would attempt to get Noodles ready for the day by propping him up, but he would sometimes choose to simply go straight back down.

“We learned very early on, that when he does not want to go on walkies, he will not go on walkies,” joked Graziano in a TikTok video.

“No-bones day” has taken over TikTok and doesn’t yet look to slow down. “I work as a vet tech and I write on our treatment board if it’s a bones or no bones day,” wrote one fan.

“Noodle pls, I have a law school midterm,” commented one TikTok user, disappointed by the “no-bones day” outcome.

“We are all at the mercy of bones,” summarized Graziano.

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